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  Registrar's Corner
2024 Incoming Freshman (ILOILO)


For   U.P.V. ILOILO   Qualifiers:
For those who cannot login, call the Registrar's Office at 033 3158556 or email at

Downloadable Forms

          Campus Map
          SPA for Freshmen
          Form 137 Request

          Admission Application (for Non-Filipino Citizens)
          Admission Application (for Filipino Citizens)
          Application for Shifting
          Application for Leave of Absence
          Request to Cross-Register
          Requirements for Cross-registrants
          Application for Leave of Absence
          Return from Leave of Absence
          Application for Advance Credit
          Application to Overload or Underload
          Application for Waiver of Prerequisite
          Request to Change/Add/Cancel Matriculation
          Dropping of Subject
          Permit to Complete INC or Remove 4
          Application for Substitution of Courses
          Application for Graduation
          Graduation Information Use Consent Form
          Application for Transfer (Within UP)

       Other Forms :
          Advance Placement Exam
          Student Loan Form
          Laboratory Request Form
          Student Entrance Health Examination Form (Freshmen)
          Student Annual Periodic Health Examination Form (Upperclass)
          Dental Health Record
          RSU Form No. 2 Application Form Upperclass Midyear
          RSU Form No. 3 Dorm Contract
          RSU Form No. 4 Appliance Declaration Form
          RSU Form No. 5 Certification of Guardianship
          RSU Form No. 5a Certification of Guardianship (UPHSI)
          Evaluation Form for Applicants from Boarding Houses and Private Dorms
          Undertaking Waiver of Dorm Residents
          Basic House Rules and Regulation

       Advising and Mentoring
       Application and Admission
       Appointment of An External Critic
       Change of Matriculation
       Change of Special Problem, Thesis, Or Dissertation Adviser
       Change of Study Plan
       Completion of Inc/Removal of 4.0
       Conduct of Doctoral Qualifying Examination, Proposal and Dissertation Defense
       Conduct of Public Seminar
       Conduct of Special Problem and Thesis Defense
       Constitution of Special Problem, Thesis, Dissertation, and Doctoral Committee
       Dropping of Courses
       Leave of Absence
       Masters Program Comprehensive Examination
       Preparation of Academic Schedules, Pre-Enlistment, & Registration
       Readmission from AWOL
       Readmission from LOA
       Shifting to a New Degree Program
       Waiver of Maximum Residence Rule (MRR)
       Waiver of Prerequisites

       CFOS Constitution of Thesis Committee
       CFOS Constitution of Dissertation Committee
       CFOS Request for Critic

        Application for Admission

        Freshman Student Directory Confirmation
        Application for MRR
        Application for Readmission
        Registration Flowchart
        Detailed Registration Flowchart
        Waiver of Pre-requisite
        Student Loan Application

OUR Services and Forms
    UPV-OUR Citizen's Charter
    Academic Documents Requests
    Waiver for Mailed Documents
    Honorable Dismissal Request Form (for transferee and currently enrolled students only)
    Request for Refund Form
    OUR Client Feedback Form
    OUR Service Standard and Flowchart

    OVPAA Curricular Revisions Template

Contact the University Registrar at:
Office of the University Registar
UP Visayas, Miagao, Iloilo 5023
Tel.No.: (033) 315-9631 / 315-9632 and local numbers 191-192
Mobile No. (Calls Only):
   Smart/TNT: 09854345235;
   Globe: 09453446794
Email :

    UP Data Privacy Notice

  Other Offices

Office of Student Affairs (OSA) / Socialized Tuition System (STS) :
OSA, UPV, Miagao, Iloilo
Tel.No.: (033) 513-7019
Email :
Medical & Dental Examination :
Health Services Unit
UPV Iloilo City
Tel.No.: (033) 337-8694
UPV, Miagao, Iloilo
Tel.No.: (033) 315-8301
Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC):
CUB Basement, UPV,
5023 Miagao, Iloilo
Tel.No.: (033) 513-7557
Telefax: (033) 315-8908
Email :;;
Website: TLRC
For login account problems, contact the administrator at
(033) 315-9631/338-1535 loc 190

Today   is   17 Jul 2024   10:04 PM (PST)
Application for UPV Alumni I.D.
The official UPV Alumni ID is now available. Graduates can process application by visiting this link: Application form and instructions are included.

UPV Alumni ID fee for new graduates is Three Hundred Pesos (PhP300). For more information, contact the UPV Office of Alumni Relations through Messenger ( or email (

Graduates may also opt to join the UP Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter. UPAAIC Lifetime Membership fee is Two Thousand Pesos (PhP2,000) inclusive of membership ID. Send an email to UPAAIC ( to signify your intent to become an association member. UPAAIC officers will guide you through their membership process.

Thank you very much and congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2024!

- UPV Office of Alumni Relations

Instructions for Incoming First Year Students AY 2024-2025
To view and download the Instructions for Incoming First Year Students AY 2024-2025, click here.

Submission of Application for Transfer/Second Degree/Non-degree to UP Visayas, AY 2024-2025
To view the instructions on how to apply for Transfer/Second Degree/Non-Degree to UP Visayas for AY 2024-2025, click here.

Pre-Registration/Confirmation of Graduate Continuing Students in Trimestral Degree Programs (MEd, MM, MChem, MMA)

Your pre-enlistment/confirmation schedule is on 17-25 May 2024 .

Please refer to your study plans or consult with your program advisers about the subjects you need to enlist in for the Third Trimester AY 2023-2024.

Please confirm your subjects once you have pre-enlisted. Thank you.

- Graduate School Secretary

45th UP Visayas Commencement Exercises
The new schedule of the 45th UP Visayas Commencement Exercises is on 09 July 2024. Per Memorandum No. CCC 2024-03-18

UP ID Application (Graduate and Undergraduate Students Only)
For more information, please read the frequently asked question regarding the UP ID application pinned posted on the CRS Facebook page: click here.

Condonation of Interest on Student Loans
Here is the announcement regarding the condonation of interest on student loans. Click here

Online Payment of Fees (Iloilo and Miagao students only)

UP Visayas is glad to announce a new and convenient way to pay tuition and other school fees online! Click here to view the process.
All they need to do is follow three easy steps:

1. FOR TUITION PAYMENT: Check the assessed amount to be paid in the CRSIS. FOR OTHER FEES: Contact concerned office/unit for request and amount to be paid.

2. Pay their fees by scanning the Maya QRPH code using the Maya App or any preferred e-wallet or banking app. Make sure to add P10.00 to the amount to be be paid as convenience fee.

3. Email their proof of payment with their complete name and details of payment (e.g. MARIA B. CRUZ, Registrar, copy of grades) as subject heading to

The QRPH facility can accept payments from Maya, GCash, Land Bank of the Philippines, Philippine National Bank, Union Bank of the Philippines, BDO Unibank Inc., and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company.

1. Over-the-counter payment at the Cash Office (Miagao and Iloilo City campuses)
2. Bank transfer to UPV?s Land Bank of the Philippines account

Details: Account name: U.P. Visayas Account number: 3052-1015-13 Bank name: Land Bank of the Philippines (Miagao Branch)

Online Payment of Fees for UP Tacloban Students
Here is the bank details:

Bank Name: Landbank of the Philippines, Sagkahan Branch, Tacloban City Branch
Account Name: UPV Tacloban College

For payment of tuition and other fees:
Account Number: 0182-1056-19

For payment of Darangpan Loans ONLY:
Account Number: 0182-1063-30

Bank Swift Code: TLBPPHMMXXX

For more information and assistance on the payment process, you may send an email to Cash Office Tacloban UP Visayas at

Implementation of Zero-Contact Policy
Please be informed that the Office of the University Registrar will strictly implement the Zero-Contact Policy of the RA 11302, otherwise known as the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018. In line with this, clients/requestors are advised to use the Online Academic Document Request Portal:

Payment must be made through the designated UP Visayas bank account. Kindly follow the payment instructions on the portal. All documents will automatically be mailed with prevailing fee.

The above-mentioned process will be implemented and will take effect immediately.

   Note: Please download the Academic Calendar found at the upper right portion of this screen for more schedule information



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