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Based on birth certificate; If married, family name should be the one used during your last enrollment in U.P.V,

Employment (Local)
Employment (Abroad)
Scholarship (Local)
Scholarship (Abroad)
Enrollment (Local)
Enrollment (Abroad)
UP Visayas/UP System
Transfer to other school
PRC Licensure Exam
Certification, Authentication & Verification for DFA
Records Purpose
Copy for (please send email of school request to

     Official transcript of records (OTR) - local application   (PhP 50.00/page)
     OTR Authenticated Copies   (PhP 20.00/page)
     OTR Application from abroad per address (via registered mail)   ($ 30.00/copy)
     OTR Application from Asia and US per address (via courier)   ($ 50.00/copy)
     OTR Application from Europe and Africa per address (via courier)   ($ 60.00/copy)
     Letter of No Objection   (PhP 50.00/page)
     English Translation of Diploma   (PhP 50.00/copy)
     Certificate of Graduation   (PhP 50.00/page)
     English as medium of instruction   (PhP 50.00/page)
     CAV (Authentication & Verification)   (PhP 100.00/page)
     Course Description   (PhP 50.00/page)
     General weighted average (GWA) computation   (PhP 100.00/degree)
     Certificate of GWA   (PhP 50.00/per page)
     Certificate of Honorable Dismissal   (PhP 50.00/page)
     Bonafide student   (PhP 50.00/page)
     Grading system   (PhP 50.00/page)
     Certificate of Units Earned   (PhP 50.00/per page)
     Record verification (Local)   (PhP 100.00/student)
     Record verification (Abroad)   ($ 30.00/application)
     Other Certification   (PhP 50.00/per page)
     Authentication of document   (PhP 20.00/page)
     Original diploma   (PhP 0.00/request)
     Graduation Fee   (PhP 300.00/application)

To be Picked-Up (11:00am-12nn, 4pm-5pm)      To be Mailed         
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